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Magick Courier provides purchasing services and does facilitate the purchasing of items online on behalf of our customers. There is a service charge of 12% for all orders.

You ship all your orders to our warehouse, the address of our warehouse will be provided to you upon signing up.

No, your in-store purchases can be delivered to our Florida warehouse and then shipped to Jamaica

Packages of any size can be shipped. However, for bulky, consolidated, palletized and containerized shipments customers are required to contact us beforehand.

Once your item arrives at our warehouse before 1 p.m. on a Friday or Wednesday, then your item normally arrives in Jamaica the following week. However, ship schedules can vary and have been erratic since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magick Courier removes the hassle and frustration you feel when interacting directly with Jamaica Customs. We pay all Customs Duty, GCT, CAF, CUF and all other fees/duty at the for all your packages entering the island. However, to do so we must be authorized to do so on your behalf. Certain shipments and transactions require customers to prepay customs duties and charges prior to receiving their shipments. 

For Magick Courier to clear dutiable packages through Customs on your behalf, we must be authorized to act as your agent. By signing up for a Magick Courier account you have authorized us to act as your agent for packages that you import through Magick Courer. As such, we require a signed authorization letter, your TRN, and a copy of a valid Government-issued ID for our records. This is a one-time process that can be accomplished electronically after signing up for an account or when you come to pick up your first package. 

Jamaica Customs requires invoices for all packages being imported into Jamaica to determine the value and whether Customs duty charges apply. All invoices must be legible, from the supplier, itemized with the item's cost, and include the supplier's and the buyer's name and address details. Gifts, used goods, and shipments that are not coming directly from an e-commerce vendor also require invoices to clear Customs. 

Personal shipments below US $50 do not attract Customs duties provided that the shipment is sent using a personal account and doesn't include any goods that would be considered commercial in nature or of commercial quantities.
Passengers arriving in Jamaica are entitled to a US $500 duty-free allowance on personal items bought overseas. The entire allowance or a portion thereof can be applied to packages imported through Magick Courier. Please notify us BEFORE shipping the item to our warehouse if you intend to us your duty free allowance.

Shipments that are commercial in nature, contain goods in commercial quantities, or imported using a business account are always dutiable, Commercial shipments carry a higher Customs Admin Fee (CAF), and commercial GCT rate of 33.33%. Therefore, commercial duties generally attract higher Customs duty charges than personal shipments. Business account holders, with Tax Compliance Letters (TCLs) can avoid higher GCT tax rates by providing us with a copy of a valid TCL. Duty exemptions, etc. can be applied to packages imported via Magick Courier provided the supporting documents are transmitted to us prior to the shipment arriving in Jamaica. 

Items that are classified as hazardous, illegal, and prohibited items by Jamaica Customs cannot be sent to Jamaica. Please check the list of prohibited items on our website.

We can pick-up packages for customers that should be sent to Jamaica. There is a service charge for this service which varies on the distance. Please call us for a quotation.

1. Sign up with Magick Courier and receive a free account and US address.
2. Check your email for an Activation email (check your junk/spam  mail folder).
3.  Shop online and ship to our warehouse address in the US. The shipping address should be used whenever making your online purchases.
4. You can also call and place your order for an item online or email the product details to our email address. Payment is required at the time of transaction.
5. Payments can also be made to our bank accounts if you do not have a credit card or you would like us to engage in online purchasing on your behalf.
6. You can send packages and mail to your Magick Courier US Address.
7.  Your purchases or shipment will be sent to our Florida warehouse.
8. Packages that arrive at our warehouse will be prepared for shipment to the USA
9.  Shipments generally take one week to arrive in Jamaica
10. Customers MUST upload and/or email their invoices and other supporting documents to facilitate customs clearance
11.  After items arrive in the island, Magick Courier will handle all custom clearance procedures
12.  Magick Courier will inform customers whenever their packages are available for pickup. Delivery options are also available